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race against dementia

Founded by Sir Jackie Stewart, raises and allocates funds to research in the race to find a prevention or treatment for dementia. Unless something changes, one in three people born today will get dementia and currently there are no disease-modifying treatments. Yet there is only one dementia researcher to every four cancer researchers. Investment is critically needed.

The Race Against Dementia (RAD) Fellowship Programme draws from the most promising early career scientific talent around the world. Collaboration with forward-thinking organisations in Formula One, as well as other innovative organisations, will bring the dynamic attitude, dedication and agility of Grand Prix teamwork to drive results in dementia research. The programme not only accelerates the Fellows personal research agendas, but also aspires to catalyse a change in dementia research culture globally.

Our RAD Fellows benefit from mentoring with both high-tech organisations and a global academic network.

Working faster and smarter to beat dementia.

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reach out worldwide 

Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW) is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit founded by Paul Walker. In January of 2010, after a massive earthquake devastated Haiti, Paul spontaneously organized a relief team that responded to the disaster. On the trip, Paul saw a gap between the availability of skilled resources and the requirement for such personnel in post-disaster situations. Upon returning from Haiti, ROWW was established with the purpose of fulfilling this unmet need.

ROWW continues to respond internationally to natural disasters worldwide ranging from earthquakes to hurricanes.

Our teams are small so that we can gather and deploy quickly. We pack efficiently so that we can carry our gear into the most remote and desperate regions. These are the people that have been excluded from the media attention and are too small or inconvenient for the larger non-profits to reach.

It would have been far easier and cheaper for Paul to put his face on an existing organization and check in from time to time, but he didn’t. He chose to get dropped off from a helicopter in Haiti, during a very unstable time, without a plan in hopes to personally help those in need. He accomplished his goal and was hooked. Next, he shifted his schedule around to go to aid those in need in Chile. Again he not only funded the trip but gave his own time. After a few more deployments he was finally at peace with his profession as he knew it was allowing ROWW to exist.

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